High quality materials, so it rolls silently. Due to the separation of the poles metric on the bar, I first anchored a 1×4 poplar board behind the address bar and anchored to the studs in the wall with lag bolts. Then, use the screws in the kit to raise the bar to the card. There are also 1×4 cut around the opening of the door, so everything is perfectly aligned with a little less than 1/2 “space between the seat and the door inside the door.

Tip for Installation – ignore the dimension of the distance to the end of the ride from the simplest edge.The door rod is aligned perpendicular to the door at the exact center of the bar panel. This balance the difference in the amount of the bar is situated outside of the door in the open and closed positions. There is a slight arch in the bar. Fitting the bar so that the pointed end is arc in the downward direction. This will help the door is kept in its open and closed positions without drift.

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