Why You Need to Utilize DIY Sliding Barn Doors


Take a moment and look at your surroundings. There are many DIY projects that can be done around and in your home, some of which you may never have thought to try and tackle by ones self. I was working around our barn the other day when I noticed that the barn door was broken. I was pretty confused on how I could fix it, and how it happened but I decided that the best way to rectify the problem was to go ahead and build DIY sliding barn doors to replace it.

There are so many great options available to you when choosing DIY sliding barn doors. Being able to choose exactly how the barn doors are going to turn out allows your creative juices to flow not to mention quenches our desire for control. Essentially, you get to choose the materials, the style, the color and basically all other components that will be used for your barn doors. In addition, you will be able to create a barn door which will be able to fit perfectly. You may have heard many horror stories of how pre-made barn doors were not able to fit into the particular barn opening.

The styles you can choose with DIY sliding barn doors are almost endless. First of all, you can go for a very traditional look that incorporates traditional wood materials such as acacia, mahogany, oak, etc. However, you can also decide to go for a bit more of a modern feel with your DIY sliding barn doors. For example one of the bigger trends when it comes to barn doors lately is to use a synthetic material or even metal to create modern barn doors. Having metal barn doors allows for maximum security and protection, but keep in mind this is significantly more expensive than traditional options.

Now onto colors. I’m sure if you’ve ever gone to a supply store to pick out paint you have been made aware of the many colors to choose from. There is quite a range of great color choices out there that you will be able to use on your DIY sliding barn doors if you decide to go with the DIY option. For one, you can get creative and layer colors on your barn doors to create a more personal and aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Or if that’s not your style, you can go ahead and do a monochromatic barn door which only utilizes a single color, such as the traditional red barn door that is ever so ubiquitous. It really is up to you as to what color combination you choose, and knowing that you have the freedom to choose whatever color you want is what makes DIY sliding barn doors so appealing.

When it comes to fit and size, you can create DIY sliding barn doors to fit exactly the measurements of your barn door opening. This allows you to create a sliding barn door that will fit perfectly and will last longer than one that is pre-made. Pre-made sliding barn doors will often not be able to fit many barn openings and will have to be adjusted in order to fit, which can be very costly. The DIY option ensures that you will have a long lasting barn door without headaches in the future.

Hardware is another great way to personalize and create a certain look for your barn doors. More copper and rustic hardware can look great on a barn door being used in a home that has a country theme or shabby chic, as compared to using more durable and withstanding hardware such as iron if being used for an actual barn.

Whether it be the style options, hardware options, or color options, the money saving and simple practicality of DIY sliding barn doors is definitely the right choice to make when it comes to barn doors for your home, barn, or business.

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