Add A Touch Of Class And Interest To All Kinds Of Doors By Using Sliding Barn Door Hardware

There are a a lot of advantages to using sliding barn door hardware on doors in your office or home. This flat track hardware is actually quite popular these days because of its distinctive appearance, durability and versatility. Many designers are selecting this type of distinctive hardware to add both practicality and visual interest to interior design. It adds the perfect touch of class. Read on to learn how this unusual choice can enhance both the design and functionality of your home.

Why Should You Use Sliding Barn Door Hardware In Your Decorating Plans?

Sliding Barn Door Track

Sliding Barn Door Track

Many people really appreciate the rugged durability of this well made sliding door hardware. The plate and tracks are made of solid steel generously cut for extra strength and stability. For this reason, very solid doors can be used for a feeling of permanence and quality. When you install high quality sliding doors using solid steel barn door hardware, you can expect a lifetime and more of reliable, easy service from that door.

This type of hardware is made up of a solid steel track mounted above the door opening. Wheels with bearings and hangers are affixed above this. This hardware will never need any maintenance because the bearings inside the wheels are permanently lubricated for hassle free performance.

Sliding doors mounted in this manner are really not subject to damage, wear and tear. When you compare this with pocket doors, you can see a big difference. A pocket door has all kinds of smaller and more delicate hardware, such as hinges, doorknobs with small moving parts and so on. These are all subject to wear and tear. Additionally, a pocket door takes up space in the room and can damage the walls when it is opened. Barn doors do have handles and latches, but they are strong, durable and made to last. Additionally, there’s a lot of choice in design, so you can purchase the type of hardware that best suits your personality and decor.

Sliding Doors Offer A Wide Variety Of Finishes, Styles And Materials

Sliding Barn Door

As we’ve said, sliding barn door hardware will usually be made out of solid steel;however, the materials for the doors are a different matter! You may see sliding doors made out of solid wood, planks or even alternative materials such as bamboo. If you want a different type of hardware, you could select aluminum hardware or carbon steel. The hardware for these interesting and practical doors can be especially designed to fit curves and other unique architectural requirements.

Even though this durable, practical hardware is always made of metal, you would be surprised by the number of finishes you can choose from. Sliding barn door hardware is available in a powder coated variety that can match any color. You can also get a finish that is hammered and painted for a rustic appearance. Steel tracks can be covered with a wood veneer to disguise the steel and give warmth to the design.

When selecting sliding barn door hardware for use in your home, be sure to go with a company that has a good reputation for making high quality products. Take some time to decide exactly what look and function you want in your design before making your purchase. Work with your designer to assure proper fit of your door, keeping in mind the fact that you will need sliding space on either side of the door. Once your door is in place you will surely find it easy to see why so many people are choosing attractive, interesting, stylish, durable, practical sliding barn door hardware to accent their homes.

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