Is Building A Sliding Barn Door Possible?


Sliding barn doors have become more popular as interior decorative elements, and when you look online you will see that there are many ways to go about installing a barn door within your home. Depending on your do-it-yourself skills, your time, and your budget, building a sliding barn door may be something that you can use to create a different look in your home, save space, and actually save money.


What Is A Sliding Barn Door?


Although a sliding barn door is traditionally a real barn door, there are now different ways that you can go about installing this kind of door in your home. Some people will go to great lengths to find a door that is old, weathered, and made from high quality, natural wood.


However, if you have been unable to find the right kind of door to fit or you have not found one within your budget, then creating a sliding barn door from wooden planks is actually a very real possibility. This does not have to be a very big project, and will enable you to create the precise look that you want in a door that is the exact size for your needs.


What Do You Need To Build This?


In order to build a sliding barn door from scratch, you will need several planks to make the surface of the door, a few more to break them together, some wood glue, nails, and they saw. Assuming that you have the proper tools available to you, this should be a fairly easy construction project.


Once you have built the door, then you can stay in it or painted in a way that suits your home’s style and color scheme. You will then need to purchase the hardware for the door as well as for hanging the door.


What Kind Of Hardware Will You Need?


Some people prefer to have a sliding barn door that has no handle, allowing it to be perfectly flat against the wall at all times. But, you may find the need for some kind of handle or locking device, particularly when you are working with a barn door that is either external or protecting a private area such as a bedroom or bathroom.


You can now purchase complete hardware kits for sliding barn doors that include everything that you will need in order to hang even the largest are door. These kits include the full track that runs the length of the door opening and then some, the straps and wheels that the door will hang from, as well as spacers, doorstops, a door guide, and other necessary items for ensuring that the door is hot safely for years to come.

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What Options Are Available?


When you are building a sliding barn door, you may find that the biggest option really is in terms of the hardware. With most stores, the hardware is not such an essential decision, but because the hardware of the sliding barn door is on the outside and therefore on display all the time, you want to make sure that you choose hardware that is decoratively suitable for the rest of your home.


It is important to note that the track will be wider than your doorway and that the door will be taller than the doorway, so this is going to be a fairly significant feature on the wall. Some people will choose sliding barn door hardware that is very much like traditional hardware would be, while others will choose highly decorative tracks to give a more creative look.


What Else Should You Keep In Mind Before You Start?


Your first consideration will probably be the size and weight of the door, followed by the design and the kind of work that it is made from. Building a sliding barn door is actually fairly easy as long as you have the necessary tools, and perhaps some help. What many people find is that they may need to take off an existing doorjamb or patch up areas where hinges may have been before, but that is a relatively small job.


Where Can You Purchase Sliding Barn Door Hardware?


It can be somewhat difficult to find high quality and decorative sliding barn door hardware in a traditional do-it-yourself store, but there are many options available online. By choosing a sliding barn door hardware kit, you will have everything that you need in order to hang the door of your choice, whether you buy a vintage, recycled door or you make one from scratch.




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