How to Get the Best Barn Doors


Traditionally, barn doors were meant for your barn. However, because of their great functionality and the diverse designs that they embrace, they have also become a common scene in the modern houses. Regardless of where you would like to use your barn door, you first have to ensure that you pick the right one. This may not be as easy as you may think because overtime, the designs and materials that have been used to make the doors have considerably changed making it even harder for one to settle on the ideal door. However, with this guide, that is bound to be much easier. We will help you find the best barn door for your situation.

Structure stability.

Unless you’re looking to rebuild the entire structure, you should consider its stability and integrity before you start looking for the appropriate barn doors. One of the things that you should highly consider while at this is the sliding rack that you will be using. This is even more so the case if you used a DIY sliding barn door kit. You need to make sure that you don’t get doors that are too heavy for your rack since then they may snap or the door might have trouble moving. Also make sure that the home has the ideal framing before you go and look for a door. This will let you know how much weight the frame can take and as such you’re able to get a door that is functional and not a catastrophe.

The purpose of the barn door.

In most cases, the barn doors are meant to hover over an opening but not necessarily seal as such for people that may want some privacy, they may want to go for a varying options. This can also be the case for those that intend to install the doors in places like the bathroom and the bedroom. The door has to be designed in a way that it helps to minimize the space between itself and the dry wall as much as possible. To make sure that you get the best of this, you can also get a rack that has been modified.
Another variation that may apply to this doors is the locks. Most people might prefer them since they don’t come with locks and hence make it a great option especially for the families that have children. That means that the children cannot lock themselves in or outside the house. However, if you intend to place the door in a guestroom or bedroom then having it locked is a primary requirement to make sure that you enjoy privacy. Hence you may have to but one that has different locking options or if not you may have a lock added. Again the installation may differ so as to accommodate the lock hence choosing an appropriate design is very vital.

Sliding Barn door in a Bathroom

Rustic sliding Bathroom Barn door

The material of the door.

There are a variety of reasons as to why you should be very skeptical and clinical about the material that you decide to settle for. Ideally most barn doors are made from steel, aluminum or wood. As you would expect, each of these have different benefits and abilities and are best suited for different scenarios. However, before you settle on the kind of material that you would like your door to have, there are a few things that you should have in mind.
• The first thing that you should consider is the setting. If the barn door is going to be placed outside, you may want to go for a material that is able to withstand the harsh climate and also durable. The best material in this scenario would be the steel or aluminum option.
• The placement of the rack is also another affecting factor. For the overhead, steel aluminum and wood are the main materials that are used but for the side doors, there are variety of other material that can be used like the etched glass. While the materials can be used in any of the options, they will be harder to install in some and will also make it more complex for you since they will require more care.
• If you would like a detailed door, then you’re better off going for the wood since it is easier to chip out to give you a better and more detailed design. Making sure that you weigh each of these options before you can settle on the door that you want is essential to make sure that you not only get a barn door that has the right material but one that will fit its use flawlessly and give you the results that you’re looking for.
Making sure that you have the ideal material will mean that the door is able to replicate the ambience that you would like for that room. For instance, if you’re looking for soulful feeling, then the reclaimed Balinese temple door would be the appropriate fit. Some even double up as learning accessories for you creative children like the chalkboard barn doors. Keep in mind that for a hint of difference you can have a barn door that has varying materials like say wood and glass.

The size of the hardware.

This is where the DIY sliding barn door toll that you used might come to bite you if you did not do your homework properly. You have to make sure that the tracks and wheels you install will be ideal for the kind of door that you want to buy. For instance, if you intend to install a hefty wood door, then you may want to have an equally hefty track to match so that it is able to handle the weight. For a thin slice of glass barn door, you may want to have a well-polished stainless mechanism. That is why while installing the hardware using your DIY sliding barn door kit you have to keep in the kind of door that will be placing on the mechanism.

How long do you intend to have the barn doors?

It is important to know that while there are a variety of benefits that come with installing the sliding barn doors, key among them their space saving nature because they don’t need a radius to open or close, deciding to install them does come with its fair share of sacrifices. There are a lot of hole that are involved and quite an investment in both finances and time. As such you have to make sure that while your doors are very long lasting, you have to choose a design that you will be able to live with in the long term. This is more so the case considering that the designs in these doors are ever changing.
With that you can now rest guaranteed that you will be able to settle on a door that you will be more than happy with both in the long and short term. However, you must ensure that while using your DIY sliding barn door kit to put up the hardware you have the kind of door that you want in mind so that you don’t get disappointed.

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