Information on Sliding Closet Doors

The Japanese are the first people to have used types of sliding closet doors and they are defined in the way that move in up and down or sideways motion. Today they still serve the same type of purpose in managing space, disguising or highlighting external features relating to structures and providing a functional and easy to use door.


Horizontal sliding closest doors work by moving along tracks that have been mounted overhead as well as floor guides to stabilize the door. In order for the door to move back and forth in a smooth motion, buffers and cushions are placed on the ends of the tracks to prevent damage. The vertical sliding doors are positioned in a type of groove to ensure that the door glides in a vertical direction.


Sliding closet doors are now used in all areas of the home and are used to beautify certain aspects relating to the exterior of the home, decorative type storage area, interior bedroom or room dividers and even find their way into areas such as a garage. The number of configurations, colors and finishes.Make these doors a useful application for all areas in the home.

Double Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn door

 Glass sliding doors

Glass has become one of the more popular materials that consumers choose today, due to the cost, versatility and availability.The glass panes are very often used as the main feature of the door design as they offer safety as well as aesthetic features that work well with these doors.

Glass is a useful application for types of sliding closet doors which include mechanizations found in a number of modern constructions such as:

  • -Closet sliding doors that feature glass panes along with a variety of opacity degrees used in partition walls
  • -Automatic type of sliding doors used for areas that receive high traffic like hospitals, airports and shopping malls
  • -Revolving types of circular doors which are the types of sliding doors that are designed for hands free entrances and exits used at locations such as airports
  • -Composites like PVC, wood and aluminum are utilized in order to create the types of eye catching designs for the entrances of exterior structures
  • -Commercial freezers and refrigerators where accessibility and speed are part of the key design in restaurants and hotels

On a more functional and practical levels, many homeowners use these doors in order to control dark and light features and at the same time extending living areas. Sliding doors that feature mirrors are used in rooms to create the illusion of additional space or for creating ambience or perceptions of more space.

The various sliding door hardware today are providing more unique and innovative ideas for homeowners to use. Sliding doors featuring panes of glass are controlled using top mounted hardware in order to provide more control over hardware and track problems that seem to be one of the main concerns relating to floor track mounted systems. Building industries have started using these concepts around the way homes are designed today.

Modern homes of today make use of a number of materials. Manufacturers have recognized this aspect and now produce expanded options that allow for nearly every type of material to fit into just about any placement area. Some of the more common types of materials used today include: iron resins, vinyl, aluminum, metals are different types of wood.

The various sliding closet doors available today provide homeowners with consistent types of house designs. These doors come with built in sound proofing, durability, insulation materials and security. There are a host of different designs available today to suit all budgets, tastes and requirements.

Here is a great video for the DIY person.

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