What Are Garage Carriage Doors?


Garage carriage doors used to be the standard for houses in Europe and certain parts of the United States, but now they are something of a rarity. As a result of this, they have a certain look and feel about them that people really seem to like, and they are certainly one of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home.

No matter where you live, this kind of investment in garage carriage doors can make a big difference in the way that your home looks, adding a certain amount of elegance to an otherwise plain garage door.


Should You Consider Garage Carriage Doors?

sliding barn door with windows

sliding barn doors on exterior entry


Garage carriage doors are also known by a number of different names, including swing out doors or by folding doors. Essentially, they are too large doors, usually with windows in the upper half, that swing out to allow a vehicle entrance. Of course, these are not always necessarily used for garages, they can be used for any opening, and are often used to divide off a certain part of the house, such as a sunroom.


What Are The Benefits Of Garage Carriage Doors?


The biggest benefit of these doors on the exterior of your home is that they have a very elegant look, particularly when you choose stores that are made from authentic looking what is. They are also ideal for situations where you do not have room for traditional lifting garage door, or you have an opening that is too large for a single door.


What Do You Need To Install These Doors?


In addition to finding two heavy-duty, attractive doors, you are going to need to choose the appropriate hardware for the hinges and handles. In fact, the hardware kits for garage carriage doors are available in different sizes and styles, so you should be able to find just the right hardware to match your home and your doors.


You will first need to properly measure of the opening to ensure that you can find two doors that are going to fit properly. Then, you will obviously need the proper cordless drills and equipment to drill holes and mounts the doors as well as to affix the hardware to the doors themselves.


Where Can You Purchase Carriage Door Hardware?


Depending on the size of your carriage doors, you may be able to find some hardware locally, but rarely will you find high quality, decorative hardware that is designed for exterior use. Most of the garage carriage doors that are being installed today have hardware that was actually purchased online, rather than in a typical DIY store. By going online, you will see that there are many different options in terms of color, materials, and the decorative styles of the hardware itself.


How Difficult Are Garage Carriage Doors To Install?


The answer to this question will really depend on your skills and your experience, but most people will tell you that hanging to garage carriage doors is considerably easier than having to install a traditional garage door. Whether you choose carriage doors that open manually or you have decided that and automatic opener is in order, these doors can often be installed very quickly, with the right tools and a little help.


Are These Right For Your Home?


When you begin searching for pictures of garage carriage doors online, you will see that they can make an incredible difference in the look of a home, often detracting from an otherwise drab house. In other words, garage carriage doors can actually become the primary feature of a home in spite of the fact that they are still only garage doors.


Whether you are looking at installing carriage doors on a garage, or for entrance into an office, business, or the interior of the building, finding the right hardware and the highest quality doors is going to give you a look that really enhances the value of your property.




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