Innovative Custom Sliding Barn Doors

You can create a stunning effect in a room by adding custom sliding barn doors. You can do a pair of doors, or a larger single door. The combinations and designs are unlimited, and since they can be custom made, it is like putting a mural or artwork on your wall.

Sliding Barn Doors As An Option

Sliding barn doors are ideal for openings where a swinging door would not work due to spacing problems such as near stairs, or other furniture pieces. The specialty of custom designers is to make something that is difficult to find, and turning the concept into a focal point of a room.










The use of glass within the barn door itself adds another dimension to the look and style of your door. This can give you access to different levels of light as well as offering varying views of the outside. Glass comes in many different styles and cuts and makes your door that much more versatile.

              There is even the concept of placing the door on the wall with no opening behind it, simply to give a room more depth and character. How would you like to have a 10 foot door in the room? That is not a problem for your designer to achieve in a variety of different styles and colors.

Custom sliding Barn Door

Other ideas include the adding of closets that are placed upon long and empty walls. Other clients have made a whole wall out of a series of doors. Custom sliding barn doors can also be used for guest rooms that are used infrequently, lofts, dens, great rooms, conference rooms, changing rooms, media rooms, and ways to hide TVs, and master bathrooms.

Pocket Doors are Perfect For Some Situations

Pocket doors are another unique use of space saving- sliding doors. These doors can be both practical and stylish, and can be designed in any size and color that will fit your decorating scheme. These can be of glass or wood, and can slide effortlessly and silently when in use.

pocket door 2

Pocket door for a Bathroom

                   Usually, the most frequently requested doors are barn doors. The contractor will handle every step of the way including helping with suggestions as to door opening sizes, finding the proper track hardware, and walk you through the steps that are required. You should not be mystified about the process, as there is nothing too difficult in regard to mounting the track hardware and hanging the door. Once your work is finished, people will think you performed magic.

                   Be sure that you size the door in a larger size than the opening. Be sure that the overlap of the door is the same on all three sides, and the suggested overlap should be in the neighborhood of 1 1/2 inches. If the bottom of the door is to be set 1/2″ off of the floor, make the slab of the door 1 inch taller than the opening when it is finished.

                   Whatever your needs are in the way of incorporating custom sliding barn doors in your home, you can find the design and the doors to fit what you wish to accomplish. Whether you want an intimate type of space with a setting for relaxation for reading, studying, or for holding conversations, or you prefer a more wide open setting with an abundance of space and light, a sliding door configuration can be designed to fit just what your requirements need to be.

                   There are unlimited ideas and designs at your disposal online and in the sliding barn door hardware, so you can see what others have done, and incorporated some of their ideas into your own. If you need help, there are many stores that have their own designers who can offer their help.

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