Sliding Barn Doors 


Carriage barn doors

This is a very beautiful sliding barn door hardware example


One of the more popular looks these days in home de’cor is the rustic look of barn accessories. This is especially true of the use of barn doors. They can be used outside or inside to add that rustic feel to a home. One particularly popular place to use sliding barn door kits is in closets and pantries. By adding a Sliding Barn door to any room you will add character and it will make a noticeable change to the look of the space.




Sliding Barn door in a Bathroom

Rustic sliding Bathroom Barn door


    Sliding Door Track

A typical sliding barn door hardware kit will include a rod or track, a bracket to hang the door and rollers. The track or rod will be installed above the opening where you want the door to go. The rollers will be installed to the top of the door. Then the door will be hung on top of the bracket, and some slide into a track along the bottom of the door. After installation the barn door will be able to slide back and forth on the rollers. The great thing about this is no matter how heavy the doors are they will still be easy to open with the roller kits. Also, the tracks along the bottom will keep the barn door flush against the wall so it does not come out into the area it is covering. The door can be locked in a couple of different ways. You can add a pocket door lock or a swivel hook lock.




 Tight Space Solution for DIY

Sliding barn doors are a great space saver too due to the way they open. And, they can be installed in tight places. A typical door swings outward to open. That means it will need some space in order to open the door and then be able to get around the door into the area. With sliding doors they can just slide along the wall. So, they do not need the clearance space a typical door will need.

Barn doors are also very quiet despite their weight. The materials the rollers and tracks are made of are made to be quiet when they come in contact with one another. They are great for using in nurseries because they are so quiet and easy to open. One can hold the baby and easily open a door in the room without waking the baby. There is no squeaking or creaking that you will get from a typical swinging door. The picture below shows a typical barn door on a barn. These have become the chic thing in homes and offices.

True Barn Door (Kit) – 7 Ft High X 3 Ft Wide – Barn Red – Glased + Clear Coat

Check out the comparison chart here


Red sliding barn door

True sliding Barn door

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