Sliding Barn Door Hardware Offer a Classy Solution for Doors and Openings



Barn door hardware is a flat track hardware that has become quite popular because of the various reasons that give them an advantage over normal doors. Sliding barn door hardware is being increasingly looked at to accentuate doors and give them a distinct personality.

Reasons for Preference of Sliding Barn Door Hardware

One of them main reasons that people prefer this hardware is that it is constructed of solid steel, with tracks that are two inches wide and of plate that is a quarter of an inch thick. This makes this hardware very durable and gives it the strength to bear doors that weigh as much as four hundred pounds. It can be safely said that these sliding systems can last you the life time of a home, if not more.
The sliding door barn hardware essentially consists of a track that is mounted on the wall above lintel height over which there are wheels with hangers for the door. These wheels have bearings that make it very easy to slide the door open and most of these have these bearings that are lubricated for life and will require no attention.
Sliding doors that are not fixed on jambs that go into openings will hardly make an impact and will look like part of the wall. Swinging doors  have to open away from walls and can give an appearance of solidity, which allows interior designers to give such doors a distinct personality.

Custom rollers for Sliding barn door hardware

Rollers for Sliding Doors

Fittings for Sliding Door Hardware

Most normal pocket doors have closing mechanisms and handles that are quite small and have to contend with possible damage to walls when they are opened. Most of these latches are small and inconvenient. In the case of barn doors, these latches and handles can be unique and classy and can even add a definite personality to the door. They can be bought as separate items. The tracks that are selected as sliding door barn hardware must be suitable for the door, its weight and thickness. You can also arrange for hardware that will permit the installation of folding doors or doors that need to go round corners. This is something that is useful for garages and in commercial areas and factories.

Materials and Finishes

Sliding barn door hardware is normally made from steel, but it is not uncommon to have the doors made with wood and even bamboo. You can choose hardware that is made from stainless steel or carbon steel or aluminum. Hardware can be made to fit along curves and even help doors to stack up.
Finishes for this sort of hardware are so many that a home owner may be puzzled about the right choice for his home. A track with a hammered and painted finish is very popular because of its rugged looks. Tracks can be powder coated to the desired color, so that it matches with existing home dÈcor. Veneer can be fitted on steel tracks so that you get the advantage of both the strength of the steel as well as the warmth of the wooden finish.

true sliding barn door

True sliding barn door

Sliding barn door hardware is a trend that is fast gaining in popularity. It gives more flexibility to interior designers. Ensure that you buy such hardware from reputed manufacturers who have been around for a while. Decide on how you want your door to look and function before you buy this hardware. Remember that these doors do require space on either side or at least one side for them to open. Sometimes this may need you t keep this space clear and therefore un-usable.; something that small homes may not be able to afford.

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