Sliding Barn Door Kits For Your Home or Office


Here are some of the top sliding barn door kits available. Take a look at these and follow the recommendations in these articles and you will have a great new stylish door in your home or office.barndoor#6

If you are going to install this yourself then please read our post on preparing the opening for your new door and the sliding barn door hardware kit that you purchase.

While most people will hire a contractor to do the install of your new door, it can easily be done by a do it yourself person. There will be a few steps in the process where you will need someone to assist you. The actual mounting of the sliding barn door hardware kit track on the wall and when you get ready to hang the door on the track depending on the type and weight of the door and your strength.

This can be a very rewarding experience. When you are finished you will have a door that is appealing, suitable, and possibly the most hip door in the neighborhood.

This can be done over a long weekend or spread out of a couple of evenings if you get all your material and sliding barn door hardware kit ahead of time and have a good plan.

Depending on the type of opening that you are working with you may need a small amount of sheetrock, some corner bead material and some taping mud to finish the opening and get it ready for painting. If you choose to case the opening with wood you will need some trim that is the width of the wall and some casing to finish out the opening. All these items can be purchased at your local big box hardware store.

If you have a large opening you may need to have two doors that meet in the middle to cover your opening.Double door sliding barn door kit





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  1. juli ulm November 2, 2015 at 6:39 pm #

    i am needing tracking and hardware and mounting brackets for a 6 ft double bypass interior barn doors for a pantry. do you have them. wall mount


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