Sliding Bathroom Doors


A sliding door is a door mounted on or suspended from a track, which allows the door to open by sliding it horizontally. Their areas of use are mainly in bathrooms, in wardrobes or in screen doors. The sliding barn door is supplied with a hardware kit that is not expensive to acquire because it fits in almost every other sliding door.

The modern way of enjoying life in the bathroom is by having a sliding door. It compliments the cozy and luxurious showers, often found in spas and restaurants.

Although swing doors are common, it is important to keep in mind that doors should also have the best design needed to fit your house. Sliding doors work best because areas often need more space. Bathrooms typically do not acquire much space, and sliding doors permit more space than a swing door.  Swing doors also require constant check ups for faulty doors, while sliding doors overcome this maintenance by offering superb service that seldom has faults.

Swinging or Sliding

Having that sliding door in your bathroom has numerous advantages compared to the obvious choice of swing doors.

Swinging Bathroom Door

Sliding Bathroom door








Advantages of sliding doors:

� Sliding doors reduce the cost in designing buildings.

� Not only does a glass sliding door offer an indulgent and modernized touch to your bathroom, but it also saves you additional space.

� Sliding doors also save you money because space is money

� While in your bathroom you deserve and desire privacy, sliding doors facilitates this by covering all the space, so whatever happens in the bathroom is completely concealed.

� Unlike swing doors, which allow sounds to travel through open areas, the sliding doors block the sound by having no open space between the hinges of the door.

� Sliding doors in the bathroom also have an advantage to the handicapped. The doors are easier to open than swing doors, and allow more space for easy wheelchair access.

� The doors also have the ability to maintain the warm environment in your bathroom, while keeping the cold outside. This is made possible by the additional layer put on the modern sliding doors. For example, in wooden doors an insulating material is applied to the frames to increase the lifespan of the door.

New Ideas are coming Every Day

The technology of sliding doors continues to progress, while manufactures design new models that come with sliding barn door hardware kits. So, the next time you are planning for a commercial house, opt for the modern and spacious sliding door.

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