Barns are classic structures.

Charming, simple, and rustic, reminding us of how things used to be. Barns can be really pretty buildings, with beautiful lines and wonderful sliding doors that are a statement all on their own. Just like they make a great statement on the barn, with the right sliding barn door hardware, barn doors can be turned into a statement piece in your home as well.

If you mention barn doors to someone who doesn’t follow interior design, they may think youíre talking about barn doors on real barns and have absolutely no idea what in the world you would do with a barn door inside your home. However, place that same barn door on hardware mounted on the outside of your closet door frame and you have an innovative alternative to normal bedroom closet doors. To customize them even further, they can be painted, stained, stenciled, white-washed or even stripped down to the natural wood. Thereís really no end to the ways the barn doors can be matched to your dÈcor.

Using a barn door as a closet door can also create a focal point for a room, especially when combined with unique sliding barn door hardware. A closet door can be created from either a single barn door or a pair of barn doors and can be customized with crossbars, designs, stencils and paint. The barn doors can be painted and will look as good as new or left to look old and rustic like them just came off the barn itself.

Barn doors are especially useful in rooms where space is tight since they slide and donít have to swing open, thus donít take up much extra space when they open. If the closet opening isnít a standard opening, the barn door can always be modified to fit or it will look good even if left oversized because there is no way to tell where the closet really is behind a barn door. In fact, some people hang barn doors on their walls just as an accent piece with nothing behind them. They are that great as a piece of art!

Barn doors add warmth and texture to any room and because they are wood, they lend themselves to added functionality such as hanging a collage of photos or favorite necklaces on displayed on hooks. Thereís also nothing that says the closet barn doors canít be painted a bright contrasting color that shows them off and makes them the centerpiece of the room.

With the right sliding barn door hardware and a beautiful pair of wood barn doors, a room can be transformed. Barn doors can be left rustic and look gorgeous with brick and exposed beams or painted and worked into a contemporary dÈcor, even one with glass and chrome. Barn doors are incredibly flexible and easily work with any interior adding warmth and depth to your home. No two are alike and each brings their own history. They are a great way to add character to your home with a page from the past.



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