Which Closet Sliding Door Hardware Is Best?


If you have ever had to deal with standard closet sliding doors, then you know that they can be very frustrating to work with. Most of these are hung with little care, and it does not take much to knock them out of their tracks, leading to doors that swing uncontrollably or do not close at all. Because of this, many people are now opting for a different type of closure for their closets, and one that includes a sliding barn door.


Should You Install A Closet Sliding Barn Door?


It making strange to even consider installing a barn door within your home, but it is one of the most popular design elements being introduced in homes today, and it also comes with a number of advantages that you will not find with a traditional closet sliding door.


A sliding barn door has the ability to hang outside of the closet, giving you more space to work with, and also helping to open up the entrance to the closet, which many people find helpful. When the door is shut, instead of seeing traditional sliding doors, you will be met with a very attractive, vintage barn door that can be decorated in a number of different styles.


What Closet Door Options Are There?


The first option that you have relates to the door itself, and you may end up spending a lot of time finding just the right door for your closet. These are commonly found in smaller hardware stores and lumber yard stores, but you can now purchase entire barn doors online at a very affordable price.


Once you have decided upon the door that you will use for your closet, you will then need to purchase closet sliding door hardware with which to hang the door. This hardware consists of several different items, including a track that runs along the top of the opening of the door, straps and rollers that keep the door on the track, and additional hardware for the floor so that the door maintains stability.


What Are Louvered Sliding Closet Doors?


Louvered sliding closet doors are also very attractive features for the closure of a closet, whether it is a small, single closet or a large walk-in closet. Louvered doors allow air to flow freely through the closet, which may be helpful, and they also help to provide a design element when the doors are shut.


What Should You Consider When Purchasing Closet Sliding Door Hardware?


There are certainly many different types of closet sliding door hardware, and the type you choose will depend on many different factors. First of all, you need to make sure that the hardware you choose has the strength to hold and control the size and weight of the door. Some older barn doors can be very heavy, and some of them are rather large. Since the barn door is likely to be much larger than the door opening, the hardware is also needs to be longer than the opening as well.

Additional factors are going to include the kind of wall that the hanging hardware will be attached to, whether or not you want to attach a handle to the door, and the look and style of the hardware itself. Some hardware kids are very decorative, while others may be more traditional, giving the appearance of the real barn door. You will need to decide for yourself just what kind of look you are searching for in your home.


Where Can You Get The Best Price On Hardware Kits?


Once you have found the perfect sliding door for your closet, you are then going to need to put the time and thought into just what kind of hardware kit is going to be right, too. The hardware that goes with a closet sliding door is obviously more significant than the hardware for traditional door, primarily because it is on display at all times. It needs to be strong and sturdy, yet you will probably want to make sure that it has a decorative feel that goes with the rest of your home.


Right now, you can choose from a variety of closet sliding door hardware kits online and you will be surprised at just what options there are. You can choose from different types of metal, different colors, and different decorative styles so that your sliding door can hang beautifully.



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