How to utilize limited space with sliding closet doors are a common choice for many especially those done with custom made closets. Closets are ideal installation that can be used as storage space, wardrobe, space for keeping shoes, among other uses. The can be done with hinged doors or sliding doors. While the hinged doors may have an edgy look when done with top designs and concepts, sliding doors take it a few notches higher. The biggest advantage of have sliding doors for your closet is the utilization of limited space. Hinged doors tend to demand more space when opening. With the sliding closet doors, you will no longer have to move your furniture just to gain enough access to your closet.

Closet Doors

A closet can made from various materials and the same applies to its sliding doors. The doors can be done in glass, plastic, plywood, or natural wood among other options. All these materials can be molded or sculptured to create a beautiful look on the doors. You can even have mirrors fixed on the sliding closet doors to give them an enhanced look that also creates a virtual space. Sliding doors come in 3 concepts. While all three may be an appropriate choice, you should take time to deliberate on the one that will be ideal for your closet needs. The 3 concepts are the bi-fold sliding doors, the multi-panel sliding doors, and the by-pass sliding doors.utilizing small spaces


Multi-Panel Sliding Doors

They are made of several panels of the same material; the concept of these doors still uses hinges, but in a method that connects the panels to form folding panels. An easier way of understanding how they look is comparing the doors to the way an accordion with louvers works. You just tag on a single panel and they will overlay on each other to form a stack of panels on the each of the closet. This creates a wider opening for a better access into the closet. When pulled to shut the closet, the sliding closet doors will look like vertical blinds or around 30 per panel. These sliding doors are ideal for the small sized closets.

By-Pass Sliding Closet Doors

These are placed on tracks on the base and the top opening edges of the closet. These are two panels that are of a similar width and thickness. They slide over each other moving in either direction; as such, the closet is usually half open. The tracks used to hold the sliding doors in place can be made of metal or sturdy plastic. You can move both panels from one side of the closet to the other if you desire to have easy access to that section of the closet. Based on their design and function, by-pass sliding doors are ideal for the wider version of closets like wardrobe or for storage purposes.

Bi-Fold Sliding Closet Doors

The doors are a combination of the by-pass and multi-panel sliding doors. The concept is done to have a closet that can open half way of fully. This is thanks to the multi-panels used on both sides that are able to bi-pass each other. Closets that use this type of sliding doors are wider than those with by-pass sliding doors. Nevertheless, the amount of space needed for the sliding closet doors compared to closets that have hinged doors.


While these three concepts give sliding closet doors a unique individuality in looks and function, they all address the utilization of limited space that is attributed using such closets. With the use of various materials for the panels and some additional design and styling, the three sliding closet door concepts give an added beauty to the entire look of closet

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